Gina Muza (formerly performing under her real name, Gina Heisser) discovered her love for music when she first set foot in the United States as a young girl of eight. Growing up between her homeland of Poland and New York City, Gina’s creative dreams were vividly awoken on the streets of Manhattan where music and fashion were everywhere.

      True to her heart, Gina chose to attend music college, where she mastered her vocal skills and other related subjects. After graduating, Gina ventured to Dubai, where she became a vocalist for an acclaimed cover band and performed a rich repertoire of US Top 40, R&B, and contemporary Jazz songs at some of the most prominent venues and events in the city. Thinking of taking her music to the next level, Gina travelled to the UK and signed her first record deal with All Around The World – a British Record Label, which led to a few song productions, as well as a collaboration with UK’s well known DJ team K-klass. It was also at this time that she pursued a successful modeling career in London, where she modeled for Gucci, Donna Karan, LEVI’s, ETRO and a few other well known brands.

      Gina later moved back to the US, while at the same time establishing a relationship with EMI Arabia out of Dubai. She released a hit single with EMI Arabia titled “My Arabian Dream” feat. Don Preach—as one half of a briefly existing duo: Hypnotiq Girls. “My Arabian Dream” was included on various compilations that charted to #1 on the Middle East Virgin Megastore charts. Later, as Gina went solo, she wrote and collaborated with the current Chairman of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and legendary American record producer Nile Rodgers, who has worked with artists such as Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Madonna, George Michael, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Dua Lipa, Daft Punk, Avicii, to name a few. Nile Rodgers is featured on Gina’s hit single “Habibi Love”., which Gina released under her real name Gina Heisser. The word ‘habibi’ means ‘my beloved,’ and is perhaps the most popular word in the Arab world. A modern disco twist with a catchy chorus, it was soon followed by an original music video and was eventually signed to Warner Music Europe and Universal Music MENA.

      Gina recently changed her artist name from Gina Heisser to Gina Muza, and she is currently working on several new singles with producer Khalil aka Supa K Hyppolite of Sonic Empire. Khalil was instrumental amongst the team responsible for the success of The Fugees. Gina’s first song with Sonic Empire, titled “Incomplete”, was just released on May 23rd on all platforms. Lyrics by Gina Muza and Judah Amar, production by Maesic (courtesy of Silverprod) and Khalil Supa K (co-producer and executive producer). Other upcoming work will include several singles and an EP featuring major celebrity artists.

Professional inquiries:
Email: sonicempire2020 at gmail dot com
Sonic Empire
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